Thanks to all our fans for checking out all DAT content for nearly two years now and for helping us become successful! Following traditional comedians such as Benny Hill and Mel Brooks, the DAT Comics creators pride ourselves on promoting politically incorrect animated videos, E-comics, and soon to be released T-shirts. Our next video is due to be released in September and promises to create some new excitement.  Each comic short (whether a video aimed for Youtube or an E-comic we'll make available for purchase) will continue to carry the humor and consistency of the DATComics products. Our title stars, Tracy and Dottie, will continue to find themselves in playful, never-ending peril for the viewers' pleasure. Our main two videos released thus far had generated close to 22,000 views earlier this year, but due to a glitch in Youtube's new system had to be taken down. We were forced to re-upload "The Jicker" and "Memory Lane" losing our original view count and all our comments for both. We hope our fans will continue to help us regain our popularity. Please click the link at the top of this web page to visit us on YouTube. Feel free to subscribe and "like" us if you enjoy what you see! We love reading your comments on our videos. Our animated shorts continue to feature Tracy & Dottie from the fictional town of Hottie Crossing, Indiana. These delectable dames constantly find themselves in one hysterical situation after another as they encounter teasing toons and magical mayhem. Be sure to visit us on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook as well as our Blog site. You will find links to all these sites at the top of this page, including Mr. Gold's deviantArt site. Share, rate, comment and keep watching for more.  And remember- if you like us- Then LIKE US!  If you don't like us - LIKE US ANYWAY!  Help us get rich so we can spend the money on charity... we promise!   DAT 's where it's at!  Enjoy the show!


-Mr. Gold and Mr. Apple