We appreciate having fans check out all DAT content.  With our most recent video, Shady O'Grady, we continue following traditional comedians such as Benny Hill and Mel Brooks. The DAT Comics creators have promoted politically incorrect animated videos on YouTube since the beginning. We have since discovered it is more profitable making E-comics rather than spending 6-7 months per video making zero income. Future E-comics will be made available for purchase and will become our main venue for reaching our fanbase. We will utilize YouTube to advertise and promote our future endeavors.  For those of you who have truly enjoyed our videos, we thank you.  Should we decide to make future videos for Youtube, we will let you know.... but don't hold your breath!   Our title stars, Tracy and Dottie, will continue to find themselves in playful, never-ending peril in future E-comics. Visit us on deviantArt, Google+, and Facebook as well as our Blog site. You will find links to all these sites at the top of this page. DAT 's where it's at!  Enjoy what's left of the show!

-Mr. Gold and Mr. Apple